Need something fun to do with a group of friends that’s different than catching another movie or just getting blasted at a bar? Try orchestrating a trip to a local escape room and try your luck at a series of puzzles that are sure to challenge your wit.

A few years ago a friend recommended an escape room, and while I thought it was a neat idea, I never got around to trying one out because at the time I lived in the middle of nowhere. Now, I’m closer to tourist filled areas and while on travel awhile back with some friends I was able to attempt my first room. It was themed, roughly, like an old temple. There were artifacts and snakes and all sorts of trinkets and surprises. Fortunately, even with just two people, we escaped with time to spare. Also, unfortunately for my wallet, I was hooked. At $28/person typically, the rooms are expensive, but great fun.

Overall, most rooms are fit for beginners and experts alike. Ideally, the themed elements make the game fun and exciting and the puzzles actually align. Of the 4 rooms I’ve worked on so far, only one of the times was I with a group of people that had no beginners.

Rooms I’ve attempted:

***See the new page tracking escape rooms here***

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