A group of friends have decided that we’ll start backpacking – I’ll log those times here occasionally.

Location Date Notes Imagery
Lake Herman State Park 4/17/21 This is mostly just to test out some of the gear – I wouldn’t call this a serious backpacking expedition at all. Alpha testing. Spent the night in a tent in town.
Sheyenne National Grassland 5/10-13/21 Day 1: 14 miles (West trailhead to marker 11 + search for water); sheepdogs guarding all functioning water sources, had to go off trail to find water. Day 2: 14 miles (marker 11 to 25); sheep removed from water early in morning and better well found mid day. Day 3: 9 miles (marker 25 to east boundary back to dispersed camping for ice house); first signs of other people – water from a hand pump at the campground. Food and beer was welcome at the ice house.