Check out this list of parks I’ve visited and a few notes. I started logging after re-igniting my interest in parks around Thanksgiving 2017.

Park Date Blog Comments
Universal Orlando Resort Fall 2017 Travel for One First trip to Universal in many years. Started much of this mess.
Universal Orlando Resort Winter 2018   Had a remaining day on 4 day ticket and returned to use it.
Universal Orlando Resort 4/7-8/2018   Became a Premier annual pass holder. Hoped to ride Fast and Furious but it was not open yet.
ValleyFair 7/2/2018   First time here since Jr. High. Line skip wristbands were a waste on a Monday. Favorite coaster: Renegade
Universal Orlando Resort 8/18-19/2018   First time seeing Cinematic Celebration; big fan. First time on Fast and Furious; not a fan.
Universal Orlando Resort 9/11-21/2018   Evacuated for Hurricane Florence. Only attended a couple afternoons evenings. First time at Halloween Horror Nights. Will be back annually for HHN.
Carowinds 10/13-14/2018   First time ever at Carowinds. Fury 325 is favorite coaster of all that I’ve ridden. Smooth and fast. First time at Scarowinds as well. Actors were more intense than HHN. Would never attend without Fright Lane pass.
Universal Orlando Resort 11/22/2018 Turkey Day for One I didn’t have turkey for Thanksgiving, but I enjoyed my time anyway.
SeaWorld Orlando 11/23/2018 Turkey Day for One First time ever at a SeaWorld park. Would return for the price. Favorite coaster: Manta
Busch Gardens Tampa 11/24/2018 Turkey Day for One First time at Busch Gardens Tampa. Did the rollercoaster insider tour which I loved. Highly recommend. Favorite coaster: Cheetah Hunt.
Universal Orlando Resort 11/25-26/2018 Turkey Day for One  
Busch Gardens Tampa 3/1/2019   Returned to Busch Gardens with my sister. Her favorite attraction is Falcon’s Fury. Great day.
SeaWorld Orlando 3/2/2019   Sister’s first trip to SeaWorld. Her favorite ride was Manta. The dolphin and whale shows were a favorite too.
Universal Orlando Resort 3/3-4/2019   Sister enjoyed the themes of Universal Orlando as much as she enjoyed the attractions at the other parks. Her favorite attraction was Spiderman.
Carowinds 3/24/2019   Went up with Nick to try out Copperhead Strike. Interesting new experience with the ultra-slow inversions. Fun coaster. Seats and restraints are most comfortable of any coaster I’ve been on. Added 9 times on Fury 325 bringing the total to 33 rides.
Carowinds 8/5/2019   Ventured up since I was in the area. Rode Fury an additional 15 times, bringing the total to 48. Copperhead is continuing to grow on me as a new type of thrill.